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Check out Big Sean’s latest video for “I Don’t Fuck With You” starring Kanye West as a coach.  Read more…

Nike x LeBron James

31.Oktober 2014

Nice new ad by Nike welcoming back LeBron James to Cleveland. Get the amazing poster here!

Surfing at 1000 Frames

31.Oktober 2014

Australian based cinematographer Chris Bryan went into water with his phantom camera and shot some beautiful slow motion pictures.

Historical Dopplegangers

31.Oktober 2014


Some of these historical Dopplegangers are just too good to be true! Find more of them after the jump and here.  Read more…

Berlin Wonderland

21.Oktober 2014

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We all still love Berlin and many young people from all around the world come here to celebrate the myth of a free, cheap bohemian lifestyle. Where this all came from you can now find in the new book Berlin Wonderland by Anke Fesel and Chris Keller, released at Gestalten Verlag. Jump over to Buzzfeed to see nice interactive before & after photos of the old and new Berlin. Read more…

Alexander Wang x H&M

20.Oktober 2014


See the whole upcoming Alexander Wang x H&M collection over at FuckingYoung Read more…

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The State Bank of Norway held a Design-Contest to search for a new and fresh Design for their money. Lately they announced the 2 winners on which ideas the new money will be created. Norges Bank decided to go with Snøhetta graphics along with designs by Oslo studio The Metric System  to design each the front and the backside of the notes. Sea and learn more about the whole approach here. I’m looking forward to the final designs launching in 2017.


Travel Cool!

17.Oktober 2014

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I want to do a Roadtrip with this car right now! See all pictures of how it was buildt over here.

Best Sports Interview Ever

13.Oktober 2014

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Are you also tired of professional athletes always saying the same phrases over and over again? Here comes a little different Interview after a Football game in Austin / Texas. Read more…


A great new Lookbook by Amsterdam based brand Daily Paper. Love the pictures shot by Sharon Jane D. Find more pictures here. Read more…